Application Privacy Policy

This section is to inform you about the duties and rights in the processing of your personal data in the Ciento Por Uno applications, to see the privacy policy of this site you should go to

General Policies

Unless otherwise clarified below, ONE HUNDRED FOR ONE DOES NOT RECORD ANY PERSONAL DATA, however when using third-party technology such as Google to collect statistical data, consumption and other types of treatment, they do keep the data record, Above all, and not being this exclusively, for the registration of notices within the application, being Google and the outsourced companies who register and process this data being responsible for complying with the laws in force on the matter.

In the part that concerns us, we follow the instructions of these companies to help them comply with said legislation and protect your data as best we can.

For more information, you can consult Google’s privacy policy at

Family Policies and children under 13 years old

Unless otherwise specifically clarified below, all ONE HUNDRED FOR ONE applications comply with the advertising requirements suitable for ALL PUBLIC by adding the corresponding filters under the indications of Google and its advertising companies.

Also the content is taken care of so that it is SUITABLE FOR ALL PUBLIC.