About us

For now who I am, I am a systems engineer from Argentina, after having a health problem in which I spent a year without working, to get out of it I started doing simple programs, but what topic? As a Catholic I am praying, I usually did it from web pages but sometimes due to power outages or the internet I was left without access to prayers, so it occurred to me to make an application for mobile or cell phone with prayers that I pray plus other useful prayers for other people.

Thus was born the first application on prayers to Saint Joseph and to publish this and the other following applications on Google Play use the name one hundred by one (Ciento por Uno in Spanish), taken from the parable of the seeds that falls on good soil and produces 100 for each of them.

On this site I dump the sentences found in these applications, in case it is more comfortable to read them from the Web.

Lastly, will I only do prayer programs? Well, not necessarily, even if it is whatever it will be to help people improve something in their lives.

Of course if you want to connect with me you can use the contact form on the page.