Year of Saint Joseph

Pope Francis has decreed the year of Saint Joseph from December 8, 2020 to December 8, 2021, being able to earn plenary indulgences both for oneself and for the deceased or souls in purgatory. How can I win plenary indulgences in the year of Saint Joseph? To win a plenary indulgence, common conditions are needed, … Read more

The sacred cloak of Saint Joseph

This set of prayers is a pious combination, in a particular homage paid to Saint Joseph, to honor his fidelity, humility and blind obedience to the Word of the Lord. Tradition says that by praying the Sacred Mantle for 30 days, the Saint will obtain from God any Grace that is requested that is not … Read more

Rosaries to Saint Joseph

Here we present 4 different Rosaries to San José. They vary in how they are prayed, from more mysteries to a number of different accounts. Some are more similar to the traditional rosary that is prayed to the Virgin Mary and others are not. In each one begins with the usual Christian form:By the sign … Read more

The Saint Joseph cloak

This is the story if you are looking for prayer click here Saint Joseph had to go to the mountains of Hebron, where he had a piece of wood set up, and he had dilated it day after day until he could gather all the money; But it was in vain. The things of the … Read more


March 19 is the day of Saint Joseph, in honor of him it is customary to perform a prayer every 19 of each month remembering the privileges and honors that he achieved. Pray the devotion to the 19th and other prayers anywhere with the Saint Joseph application that you can download here Start with the … Read more

Novena to Saint Joseph

This novena in honor of the Patriarch Saint Joseph is performed between March 10 and 18 in preparation for the Saint’s Day which is March 19. However, you can pray at any time of the year especially for any need we have. The way to pray it is by doing the preparatory prayer every day … Read more

Novena to Saint Joseph the Worker

A novena is a prayer that is prayed for 9 days in a row, normally prior to the feast of the novena, in this case Saint Joseph the Worker which is May 1. You can ask for work or also for any other need Meditation Saint Joseph, a just and obedient man, cheerful and faithful … Read more

Triduum to Saint Joseph

Tridus are prayed for three days, usually beginning with a common opening prayer every day, then a special prayer of the day comes and finally closes with the final prayer also common every day. Pray the Triduum to Saint Joseph and other prayers anywhere with the Saint Joseph application that you can download here Preparatory … Read more

30 days to Saint Joseph

This devotion is prayed for 30 days in a row in honor of Saint Joseph for the 30 years of his life at Jesus’ side, appealing to all his virtues and merits so that he may obtain from our adoptive son the graces and consolations that we need. Pray the 30-day Devotion and other prayers … Read more

Sorrows and Joys of Saint Joseph

This ancient devotion accompanies Saint Joseph in the consideration of the 7 main pains and joys that happened in the development of his life, from his knowledge of the mystery of the Incarnation to the episode of Jesus lost and found in the temple, passing through the Birth in Bethlehem, the Circumcision, the Presentation in … Read more