Year of Saint Joseph

Pope Francis has decreed the year of Saint Joseph from December 8, 2020 to December 8, 2021, being able to earn plenary indulgences both for oneself and for the deceased or souls in purgatory. How can I win plenary indulgences in the year of Saint Joseph? To win a plenary indulgence, common conditions are needed, … Read more

Prayers for the Souls in Purgatory

Sweet Jesus, give eternal rest to the blessed souls in Purgatory!Amen. Download the Releasing Souls From Purgatory application that will help you pray along with other prayers warning you of the times and days to win them. A “Prayer for a Deceased Father” O God, who hast commanded us to honor our father and our … Read more

Way of the Cross for the Souls in Purgatory

Jesus made these beautiful promises to María Marta Chambon, among others: “Every time they look at the divine crucified with a pure heart, they will obtain the freedom of five souls from purgatory: one in each source (each Wound of the hands, feet and side).” “They will also obtain, if your heart is pure and … Read more

100 Requiems Prayer

This beautiful prayer is especially aimed at alleviating the torment of the Souls in Purgatory since the Requiem prayer is repeated a hundred times. A rosary is used to keep account and for each Ave Maria account a Requiem is said, but since there are only 50 it is used twice. But not only that, … Read more

The Rosary for the Souls in Purgatory

The rosary is the quintessential prayer after mass, for its popularity and for its effectiveness. For this reason it is also a key prayer to free souls from purgatory, especially since it is covered by partial indulgence and it is also one of the exercises blessed by plenary indulgence that can be earned on a … Read more

Partial Indulgences

Partial indulgences remove some or all of the guilt or debt pending from a soul in purgatory. It should be remembered that to gain partial indulgence, it is necessary to carry out the work enriched with the indulgence, to have the intention of winning it and at least to be internally repentant. There is no … Read more

Plenary Indulgences

The prayers of the people and the graces of the trinity collected by Mary and sent to the souls in Purgatory Plenary indulgences remove all the guilt or debt pending from a soul in purgatory or if it is applied to one of all the debt until it is earned. It should be remembered that … Read more


Tied to the penalties of Purgatory are the indulgences granted by the Church in such a way that by using the infinite merits of Christ added to those of his Mother and Saints, they can grant the necessary compensation to free us from said penalties as if we had carried them out ourselves . Remember … Read more

The mass

If we want to free souls from Purgatory the Mass is the most powerful weapon we have. It does not matter what sacrifice we make, nor how much money we give in alms, nor what numerous prayers we pray, nothing surpasses the mass, because in it is the supreme sacrifice of Christ in which we … Read more

Releasing Souls From Purgatory

When we die we have two destinations after our particular judgment, heaven or hell. However, since nothing impure can be in the presence of God, there is a purification step for those souls destined for heaven but who still have outstanding debts. Where do these offenses come from that have not deserved hell and why … Read more