The mass

Mass of Saint Gregory

If we want to free souls from Purgatory the Mass is the most powerful weapon we have.

It does not matter what sacrifice we make, nor how much money we give in alms, nor what numerous prayers we pray, nothing surpasses the mass, because in it is the supreme sacrifice of Christ in which we join his merits that were sufficient and able to forgive All the offenses from the beginning of the world to the end, such an infinite merit is what we tie to our request for the soul that we want to favor.

So our first and greatest option to help a soul is to pray a mass for it. Then look for a plenary indulgence but the Eucharist is always one of its requirements, which is recommended at mass.

Mass has supreme value because instead of offering our flimsy sacrifice we offer the infinite sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, the most powerful and worthwhile of all sacrifices so great that not even the sum of the sacrifices made by man throughout all History doesn’t even come close in value.

Gregorian Masses

Gregorian Masses is a series of Holy Masses that are traditionally offered on 30 consecutive days as soon as possible after the death of a person.

These Masses are offered individually by the soul of a person.

This tradition comes from Pope Saint Gregory the Great, who, while still abbot of a monastery, before being Pope, had in it a monk named Justus, who practiced medicine with his permission.

Once, he had accepted without his permission a three gold shield coin, seriously missing the vow of poverty. Later he repented and was so hurt by this sin that he became ill and died soon after, but at peace with God.

However, to instill in his religious a great horror of this sin, Saint Gregory had him buried outside the walls of the cemetery, in a dump, where he also threw the gold coin, making the religious repeat the words of Saint Peter to Simon magician: “May your money perish with you.”

After a few days, he thought that perhaps he had been too strong in his punishment and ordered the treasurer to order thirty masses to be celebrated in a row, without leaving any day, for the soul of the deceased.

The treasurer obeyed and the same day that they finished celebrating the thirty masses, Just appeared to another monk, Copioso, telling him that he was going up to heaven, free from the penalties of purgatory, for the thirty masses he celebrated.

These masses are now called, in honor of Saint Gregory the Great, Gregorian masses. These thirty masses in a row, celebrated by the deceased, are still customary to celebrate and, according to private revelations, are very pleasing to God.

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